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Creative Direction 

New York, NY 


Naming - Product Design -Identity - Art Direction

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A simple, affordable solution for the modern workplace. In today’s modern workplace, we’re more connected and collaborative than ever. We run between meetings and conference calls with little time to ourselves. But all great ideas need room to grow. In the open office, people need space and quiet, a private place to breathe, think and unwind. Room is here to make room for them.

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Product Design 

PRJCT redesigned the ROOM booth in November 2017.  The brand wanted to position themselves as the more modern, affordable, an easy solution for open office spaces. The design is simple yet well thought all through out. The booth is light weight, easy to assemble and easy to ship. It is also eco friendly, the sound proofing material on the inside is made of 1088 recycled plastic bottles. 


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Art Direction

PRJCT did all the art direction and creative for all the materials produced for the brands identity, website and social media. 

R O O M  at  ADO Williamsburg, New York 

R O O M  at  ADO Williamsburg, New York