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PRJCT (project) noun / 'pra - jekt

A collective of independent creatives lead by designer and entrepreneur Alejandra Albarran specialized in designing and building new brands, products and spaces from concept to execution and beyond.

                Strategy               Brand                Space              &               Product Design


As a freelance creative conductor I assume the sole responsibility for defining and developing the creative vision of your brand or space.

From the initial spark of the visual brand strategy, to the impeccable execution of products and spaces I collaborate closely with my clients, strategically handpicking teams from a network of makers across various mediums, to design and execute every aspect of the aesthetic experience to their fullest potential. Whether creating dynamic spaces or designing iconic products, I orchestrate the creative vision, select the team and guide them until the final execution of your PRJCT.

An alternative to a full service agency, I work as the sole point-person in charge of your PRJCT, orchestrating the creative output to ensure its ideal manifestation — from initial proposal to final product. 

Once we establish the way your PRJCT should look and feel, I leverage a shorthand with makers and innovators fluent in visual language; photographers, illustrators, architects, designers and creatives from all disciplines around the world, to realize every detail of our shared vision.