My name is Alejandra Albarran and I work as a creative director… with a twist. Because working with me means working with a collective of independent makers, designers, architects, photographers and artists who all come together to design your PRJCT. Whether creating a new space, designing an iconic brand or developing an entire new product

I work with my clients to define their creative vision and build a tailored team of creatives that fit the PRJCT. Being a designer myself I help define the vision, curate the talent and orchestrate the creative flow from concept to execution and beyond.  Ensuring there is a cohesive aesthetic and a strong strategy behind the development of each and every PRCJT. 

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Alejandra Albarran is a designer and entrepreneur who co-founded and ran an internationally acclaimed interior design studio, an award-winning fashion label, a bad - ass jewelry line, and two tech start-ups. 


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