About Alejandra

Designer, strategist, conductor


Malaroka Collection 2.0

Malaroka Collection 2.0


My passion to design compelling aesthetic experiences drives everything I do.

My personal experience as an entrepreneur, who co-founded and ran an internationally acclaimed interior design studio, an award-winning fashion label, a bad - ass jewelry line, and two tech start-ups, inspired the launch of PRJCT. 

I understand the unique challenges of developing and executing a distinct visual identity while building a company from the ground up. 

PRJCT is all about bringing ideas to life. One of my favorite parts of the creative process is what I call “the flow.” It’s those moments soon after inspiration strikes when I am immersed in the creative process for hours. My tendency toward perfectionism makes me incredibly detail oriented, and my rebellious streak comes in handy when seeing PRJCTs I believe in through to completion. 

Through collaborations with my clients and my network of creatives, I’ll find a way to conjure a PRJCT, however complex or outrageous the concept. 

My work has been featured in: Vogue , Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, AD, Interiors Mexicanos, among others. 




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